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Day of Sun: Sunday Junior for preemies at the hospital

With Sunday Junior, parents, wherever they are, can finally watch their hospitalized child. A real relief for these moms, dads and loved ones taken by the daily newspaper of the life.

The objective of Sunday Junior is to bring together families, parents, brothers, sisters… so that all together share the first days of the baby's life, whatever the personal situations (geographical distance, long stay and impossibility for parents to be present on a daily basis etc).

The solution is also designed to facilitate interactions between health personnel: educational videos. A range of functions at the service of pediatric medicine.

"Sunday Junior allows parents not to 'miss the beginning of the film' of their child's life when, after the cut of the umbilical cord, medical care requires an often brutal, sometimes prolonged and always painful separation."

Dr Jean SARLANGUE Head of Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit - Children's Hospital - CHU Bordeaux

Sunday Junior responds to a real need expressed by health professionals and families. Its platform guarantees data security and its access is highly protected within a network privatized to authorized users only